Venicci Asti Travel System Light Grey 3 in 1


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Option: 2 in 1


What's included?

  • Frame,
  • Carrycot,
  • Seat unit,
  • Car Seat,
  • Changing bag,
  • Apron,
  • Raincover,
  • Mosquito net,
  • Cup holder,
  • Car Seat Adapters,
  • Solid wheels,
  • Back wheels covers

Our designers paid a lot of attention to details in order to make this Travel System unique, safe and fashionable. What makes ASTI special is the double suspension which makes daily walks light and easy no matter what terrain you are planning to use it on. Stylish fabric is what gives this Travel System its elegant look.

Perfection in detail

During the search for inspiration, we always consider what parents are interested in.

Metal design logo

Stylish Venicci logo on the central part of carrycot cover.

Stylish handle

Not only looks great but also provides a better grip.


Easy click mode

Click mode on the frame makes swapping between the different settings much easier.

Aluminium Alloy

Reduces the total weight and makes the pram lightweight and easy to push.

UV 50+ fabric

Walk with no worries. We take care of your child’s protection. The UV 50+ filter is special, permanent protection from the sun’s damaging radiations.

5 - point harness

The Venicci pushchair features a 5 point harness preventing any risk of the child falling out of the seat unit.


Fabrics with a special water-repellent impregnation designed to keep your child safe in different weather conditions.

SAS - Shock Absorption System

The Shock Absorption System is in place to prevent the frame from shaking when pushed through the rough terrain.

DMS - Direction Memory System

The DMS prevents the front wheels from spinning when the front of the frame is lifted up on to another surface.


An innovative leatherette boasts of a high anti-allergenic spec that doesn’t overheat in the sun and doesn’t change the texture in the cold.

Rotary front wheels 360°

Simplicity makes life easier. The front wheels can move in any direction that you need to go. Get ready for a walk!


Dimensions & Weight



  • L: 105CM | W: 58CM | H: 125CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 14.3KG


  • L: 105CM | W: 58CM | H: 113CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 14.5KG


  • L: 105CM | W: 58CM | H: 113CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 12.3KG


  • L: 83CM | W: 58CM | H: 30CM
  • WEIGHT: 4.9KG

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