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We all know that pregnancy is a time in a woman's life where the most unconditional care is required.

During pregnancy, it is extremely crucial to take care of your baby, and for that purpose, this is going to be your best investment.

Also, During pregnancy, you will experience several problems such as headache, increased blood pressure, heartburns, allergies, aches in different body parts and many more.

But our long and full body pregnancy pillow will be relieving you from those. The pregnancy pillow offers 5 point support to the most critical areas -:

  1. Pelvis
  2. Lower Back
  3. Knees
  4. Ankle
  5. Belly

These 5 point support helps you to maintain proper joint positioning while on the bed.

This snuggle up pregnancy pillow provides optimum support to pregnant women, ensuring not only a night of better and more comfortable sleep but also helps to keep the baby in it when she's grown up to feed her or can be used by your family for watching a movie. It Can also be used to support breastfeeding after the baby is born. For sure, it will be a good addition to your house.


The features of the full body pregnancy pillow are as follows:-


  1. Easy Use & Easy Wash - You can easily use it without any hassle and after that, if it gets stains on it the cover can be removed and washed and again instantly used (of course, after drying). It has a zipper on its side and is extremely usable after washing as it doesn't shrink nor the colour fades away.


  1. Quality Cotton - The tenure of pregnancy can be strange. Those people who never experienced allergies are likely to develop one. So, it is best to use something hypoallergenic prior to the appearance of allergic reactions. And with a full-body pregnancy pillow. (we know you get what we want to say). It also has a glamorous look because of the slight lustre it has. Besides, our maternity pillow also feels incredibly soft on hands.


  1. Full Body Support - As mentioned above, this pregnancy pillow provides support to the most crucial (five) body parts. Which is a huge factor, as it aligns your buttocks to your knees and therefore it reduces the tension on the back and relives you. Using a pillow to align your knees and hips will help relieve pressure on your spine, back and hips and help improve your body’s alignment.


  1. Improved Blood Flow - During pregnancy, a large number of red blood cells (RBCs) are produced (these are the pigments of blood which are abundant and help in transportation of oxygen to the body). And as our heart is slightly located towards the left side, the doctors always recommend sleeping on your left side. So, with our product, you can use it either side as it's portable.


  1. High-Quality Filling - As you know that we don't compromise quality here is another example of it. This pregnancy pillow also has to offer you the same thing. The pillow retains its shape on long usage because of the high-quality stuffing inside.

 So, there's not much to think but much to gain at such an affordable price. Go grab it now!

 Designer Baby Slim Pregnancy | Maternity Body Pillow

Package details


Package details of the pregnancy | maternity body pillow are as follows:

  Dimensions:138X70X20 cm

  Weight: 2.7 kg

 Colour: Light blue / Lilac

 Usage: To be used by pregnant women for support but can also be used by others



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