Chicco Next 2 Me Magic Bed Side Sleeping Crib


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Chicco Next 2 Me Magic Side Sleeping Crib


The Chicco Next2Me Magic is our most advanced side-sleeping crib and has been designed to allow baby to sleep safely next to parents. Easy to use, it helps improve sleeping patterns, makes feeding and soothing easier during the night and encourages baby-parent bonding. 

  • Mesh sides for easy viewing and ventilation
  • Carrying bag for easy transportation
  • Rocks to soothe your little one to sleep
  • Side sleeping is much safer than co-sleeping
  • Wheels for easy transport between rooms


Promoting safe sleep for both baby and parents

The award-winning Chicco Next2Me Magic crib allows you to sleep next to your baby without being in the same bed. Your baby can safely sleep in the crib next to you, allowing you to respond quickly, whether its feeding, changing or they just need some cuddles. With the addition of the easy opening one-handed sliding side panel to our NextMe Magic, this has never been easier.

Our Chicco Next2Me Magic can also help newborns improve their sleeping pattern and support parent-child bonding. The crib is versatile as it features 11 height settings and can easily be attached to most types of adult beds using the safety straps provided to enable safe side-sleeping,  including beds with drawers such as divan base bed thanks to the cribs clever telescopic feet! When is stand-alone sleeping mode, the crib can be moved from room to room if needed as it features four wheels, all with individual breaks for safety.

The crib can be tilted by four levels to help baby's digestion, improve breathing and reduce reflux. With two large mesh windows and the mattress now also featuring a 3D mesh cover,  both of these elements help to improve airflow throughout the crib.

Simply engage the two sliders located at the top of the legs of the crib to activate rocking mode to help soother your baby back to sleep. Deactivation the rocking mode simply, just release the sliders back to their original position. The internal padded material can easily be removed to be cleaned without the need to remove the rest of the crib fabrics by un-zipping the zip located around the top of the crib structure.

The Chicco Next2Me Magic is a fantastic 3 in 1 solution, use as a side-sleeping crib, stand-alone crib or as a travel crib using the travel bag included.


Quick and easy to open
Quick and easy to open

Open the side panel with the push of a button for quick and easy access to your baby.

Rocking mode
Rocking mode

Comfort your baby with the gentle rocking mode to encourage sleep and relaxation.

Air circulation
Air circulation

Double mesh windows and mesh mattress covers ensure excellent airflow for the baby inside the crib

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