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Pram Guide - The Ultimate Guide to Pushchairs

Are you looking to buy a pushchair or double buggies for your baby and having some trouble? Getting a mode of transportation for your sleeping baby is way more challenging than it seems. Another challenge is to get the right car seats for your infant and toddler. We will be giving you the ultimate guide for finding the perfect pushchair.

Basic Knowledge

First of all, let's look at a few basic things you are bound to come across when picking a pushchair for your baby.

What's a pushchair

Now to the main focus of the day; pushchairs. They are the ideal mode of transportation for babies older than six months. They are as long as they can comfortably sit upright without any help. A pushchair provides head and neck support for your baby and ensures proper growth. Some come with a buggy board, carrycots, or insulated bottle pockets you can easily find at your local store.

There are different types of pushchairs which we will be looking are. Later on, these different types come with various conveniences that make moving your baby around much more straightforward.

What's a travel system

A travel system is simply a frame where you can fit other parts. These parts include; a seat unit, a car seat, and a carrycot. They can be very convenient and come in handy when you need to take your baby from your car straight to the stroller without waking them up.

What's a stroller

Strollers are pretty similar to pushchairs, so much so that they are often used interchangeably; however, there is a slight difference, and it lies in their durability. Some strollers include umbrella strollers(lightweight strollers) and double strollers.

Typically strollers are less durable than pushchairs. They are also much lighter than pushchairs and can be folded up or collapsed, which can be very convenient. Much like pushchairs, they are more suitable for babies six months and above.

Types of pushchairs

Standard pushchairs

First off, let's start with the most common pushchair out there; the standard pushchair. The standard pushchairs don't have any unique design or functions.

They are usually made for everyday life and have the essential features you will need to ensure your baby's safety, comfort, and overall convenience.

Tandem pushchairs

Do you have twins, or did a new baby come in the picture while the other is still using a pushchair? You may be thinking of getting two pushchairs then; however, that's not convenient or necessary.

You simply have to obtain a different type of pushchair, and one pushchair type perfect for you is the tandem pushchair. Like with a tandem bicycle, a tandem pushchair is a type of pushchair that allows two babies to use the pushchair simultaneously, which is perfect if you have twins or babies close in age. It also has a compact fold.

With tandem pushchairs, one seat is before the other, which allows you to still navigate through small spaces.

Jogger pushchair

Having a baby can be stressful and demanding, but no one said you couldn't take care of your baby while getting a little exercise done. That is made possible with a jogger pushchair. Jogger pushchairs are specially designed to be used while you jog.

Due to this, they are usually lighter in weight than the standard pushchair. They have swivel wheels allowing you to maneuver around obstacles and people quickly.

They also, of course, have easy-to-use breaks, allowing you to stop whenever need be and keep your baby safe quickly.

Double pushchair

Double or twin pushchairs have the same primary function as the tandem pushchair. It helps you cater to the needs of two babies all at once rather than having to buy different pushchairs.

The primary and most notable difference between the double pushchair and the tandem pushchair is the width.

Double pushchairs have seats on the sides, which take up more space when walking, while the tandem pushchair has one rear-facing the other. However, choosing between the two isn't as simple as how much space you want to take up when walking. Because what the double chair lacks in maneuverability, it makes up for convenience; both children get to enjoy the view right in front of them rather than one blocking the other.

They can also keep each other company. Some double pushchairs even have adaptable backrest features, allowing you to lie a newborn baby flat while the older one sits up.

All-terrain pushchairs

All-terrain pushchairs are just what they sound like; they are pushchairs specially designed to go on both rough and smooth terrains without any hassle. It is perfect for parents who constantly go out and change locations. There are also three-wheel pushchairs that offer young babies extra support.

Due to its function and designs to make it suitable for all terrains, it is unsurprisingly bigger than the standard pushchair and more expensive. The most typical and notable feature of the all-terrain pushchair is its big wheels.

Its wheels and suspension are what give it its versatility. Its vast size and heavyweight can be very troubling and should consider before getting it.

Other types include double buggy, Moses basket

How much should you spend on a pushchair?

The amount to spend on a pushchair depends on a variety of factors. There isn't a rule set in stone on how much a person should spend on a Pushchair. Typically the more expensive a pushchair is, the more durable or, the longer it lasts. So you ought to consider how long you plan on using the pushchair.

If you have more than one child, you may want to get a pushchair with a second seat unit. With triplets, triple pushchairs will be great.

It will also depend on whether you are buying a pushchair alone or a travel system. Seeing as travel systems are a combination of various transportation modes and multi-purpose.

You would be spending more than you would if you were simply buying a pushchair. It will also depend on the type of pushchair you want. The different pushchairs vary in looks, purposes, functions, and prices.

So when setting a budget for your pushchair, you will need to consider these factors and more. Of course, find a pushchair that works perfectly for you but doesn't fit into your budget. You can always consider getting a second-hand or slightly used version.

Features to look out for in a pushchair

Good suspension

A good suspension is vital to look out for when getting a pushchair, and it serves as a shock absorber that ensures a smooth ride for your baby during the walk. Pushchairs without good suspensions can be real headaches, waking your baby up every time you pass over a bump.

Reversible seat unit

While on strolls or walks, quickly having your baby facing you or enjoying the view of your location is always an excellent feature to have. Reversible seat units can be handy when your baby starts crying or needs attention during the walk. Some come with an additional seat unit.

They can also help keep your baby away from harsh sunlight and provide constant shade for them. Fortunately, due to its convenience, more and more pushchair brands are adding this feature to their products, so getting a pushchair with this feature shouldn't be too difficult.

Car Seats

Traditionally, this feature was exclusive to travel systems, and you couldn't directly attach a car seat to the pushchair without a car seat adapter.

Some pushchairs are compatible with a car seat. It allows you to quickly transfer your baby from the car right to the pushchair without having to worry about waking them up.


Comfort and convenience are always important when selecting a pushchair. However, you should not forget your comfort and convenience as well.

However, that is far from the truth; adjustable handlebars can be incredibly convenient if you and your partner are of different heights or are not of average size. Whoever uses the pushchair can just easily adjust the bars and push comfortably.

Get wheels with a lock function.

Most pushchairs nowadays come with swivel wheels, and they are beneficial. They allow you to easily maneuver your pushchair with ease which is convenient if you are using the pushchair on a sidewalk with other people in the way.

However, it can be tough to control and fail you when you are using them in rough terrains, which is why you should get a pushchair with wheels that have a lock function.

Adjustable backrests

Pushchairs are not suitable for newborn babies; however, they can be used by newborn babies if they have an adjustable backrest. Pushchairs with adjustable backrests can go much as 150 degrees or more, allowing newborns to lie almost flat to sleep now. Of course, it's no pram, but it will do.

With adjustable backrests, your pushchair can grow with your baby and continue to suit their needs, saving you a lot of money.

Adjustable footrest

It's always a good idea to get a pushchair with an adjustable leg rest feature. It better supports your baby's legs and provides comfort as you can straighten them up when your baby needs to sleep.

Pushchair guide

Consider where you will be doing most of the pushing.

One of the first and most essential things to consider before buying a pushchair is where you plan to use it. Many pushchairs come in different shapes and sizes, and functions.

There are pushchairs specially designed for the countrysides, rough terrains, and more. If you are going to go out shopping, you can attach the shopping bags to the handle of your pushchair.

So before you buy any pushchair, first consider your location and which pushchair is better suited for it to save yourself from a lot of stress.

Check out the weight of the pushchair.

Before buying a pushchair, many people forget to consider the weight of the pushchair. Now, of course, as the name suggests, you will be doing more pushing than lifting when using the pushchair. That is one advantage to going in store, if you are looking for prams in london you can visit our store to check them out.

There is some lifting involved when you need to get the pushchair out of the boot or move it up. Not carrying the pushchair all by yourself can be frustrating and bothersome.

So sadly, regardless of how good the pushchair looks and works, if you will be using it the most and feel you cannot manage the weight, simply don't buy it. There are still tremendous and convenient pushchairs that are light in weight.

How long are you going to be pushing?

Before buying a pushchair, you need to consider how long you plan to use a pushchair. If it is your first baby, you will need to get a long-lasting pushchair that can also serve the other kids you will have in the future with no hassle.

You should not just think of a durable and long-lasting pushchair when thinking of the future. But also consider the probability of multiple kids needing a mode of transportation simultaneously. You should consider getting a travel system or a double pushchair.

Get a budget and stick to it.

Before you set out to buy a pushchair for your baby, you also need to plan a budget and stick to it. Every parent wants the best for the baby.

While it's always essential to get a suitable pushchair for your child, sometimes the "best" can be a very costly word.

You don't need to go overboard when getting a pushchair. We don't mean you should buy just any pushchair because it is cheap. You just need to get one that has what you consider; the essential qualities of a pushchair and buy it.

Or you could also consider getting a suitable and well-functioning second-hand pushchair.

Consider where you are going to be storing it.

While having a good-looking pushchair is an excellent way to flex on other mums, don't forget that you will need a place to store your pushchair at the end of the day. Storage is also an essential factor to consider when buying a pushchair.

So if you live in a home with limited space or have a small car boot, you will need a compact or small pushchair or get an easy folding stroller to avoid storage problems.

Don't forget to test it out.

Pretty much like when buying a vehicle, always take your pushchair out for a spin before you make the purchase. It is always advisable to shop for pushchairs in person.

Always make sure that you test it out and while you are at it, look out for signs from your baby, whether they feel comfortable or not.

Looking at your comfort and that of your baby will help you quickly pick the best pushchair for both of you and save you from any future regrets.

Pushchair safety

Now while pushchairs are generally safe and will mostly protect your baby, you still need to do your part to ensure optimum safety for your baby. With that said, here are a few safety tips for using pushchairs.

Check your wheels

Before going out with your baby, be sure to check the wheels of the pushchair for wobbles. Wobbling wheels are pretty standard with pushchairs and can be dangerous for your baby, especially when moving quickly or going on rough terrain.

As soon as you notice your pushchair's front wheels are wobbling, you have to get them repaired quickly or have them replaced. Also, buy strollers with a padded bumper bar. They are perfect for growing babies who want to sit up in the stroller.

Don't forget to strap in.

Your baby needs to be strapped in to prevent it from falling out of the pushchair.

Most pushchairs come with a built-in harness to protect your child, but if your pushchair doesn't have one, you can always buy one separately.

No matter how short the stroll or walk is, always be sure to strap in your baby and check if it fits them perfectly, so they don't slip and fall out of the pushchair.

Keep your eye on your baby when folding or making adjustments.

When folding or collapsing your pushchair, it is always important to be cautious of your baby's safety at all times. You need to watch out for their fingers. It's pretty standard for them to get stuck in the lock mechanism, and they could severely hurt them if they are not spotted on time.

So when folding your pushchair, be sure to activate the secondary lock when releasing the main one to prevent the chair from collapsing straight away and harming your baby.

The best way to prevent your baby from being damaged is to keep them from the pushchair. At the same time, you collapse it or make any adjustments.

Check the brakes

The brakes of your pushchair are essential, and as such, they should be checked all the time. Before using the pushchair, always make sure that the brakes are properly functioning and easy to apply.

Pushchair maintenance

The pushchair will often start off looking clean and shiny but can soon become a mud-encrusted eyesore with biscuit crumbs in the folds.

We've found that regular vacuuming of the seats, dry scrubbing off mud off the tires, and occasional deep cleaning will restore your pushchair to its spotless self, including regular checks on the brake pedals.

Pushchair Accessories

rain cover or hood

sun parasol or sunshades

fleece lining

pram quilts


seat liner

lockable swivel wheels

pushchair fabric


Lastly, before you buy a second-hand pushchair, be sure to test it out too. There is nothing to worry about regarding second-hand pushchairs with all these in mind. For all your pushchair needs, Designer Baby has free standard delivery available.

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