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Expecting Soon?

Expecting Soon? 13 Tips for a Stress-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and extraordinary experiences in a woman’s life. Imagine an adorable little human growing inside of you from day one to birthday.

I am sure you are excited. How are your birthing plans going? The first pregnancy experience can be overwhelming for some women. If you need help, guidance, I have got you covered.

I will be writing about the dos and don’ts for pregnant women, as well as essential pregnancy tips for first-time mothers.


Stay calm, it will be alright

During pregnancy, your body goes through different types of changes. Please note that the pregnancy experience is not the same for every woman. Some women experience heightened sensitivity to smells, food, and other things, while others do not.

So, it will be best if you inform your doctor about the worries and complaints regarding the changes in your body during pregnancy.

Feel comforted with the fact that body or hormonal changes will pass away as pregnancy develops through the months, it is only temporary.


Dos and Don’ts for pregnant women

During your journey through pregnancy, there are certain things you should do or avoid.

Here are the things you should do while pregnant;


1. Eat healthy foods

Your body needs all the nutrients it can get to cope with the changes. Starting a good diet is an excellent tip for pregnant women. You should get diet tips during antenatal sessions at the hospital. Read this Guide by NHS, assisting you in making healthier choices.


2. Take your prenatal vitamin supplements

You will be given essential vitamin supplements such as folic acid, iron and calcium. Please take these supplements according to the recommended dosing.

Read this guide by NHS for Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition in Pregnancy.


3. Exercise and stay active

Exercise will help you relax and tone your muscles, in preparation for birthing. There are safe exercises for pregnant women. Staying active also improves blood circulation in your body, which aids normal pregnancy development.

Read this guide for 5 simple Pregnancy Exercises. 


4. Get enough sleep

Never compromise sleep. You should sleep for about seven or more hours at night. If you have problems sleeping, try yoga or speak with your doctor. Try using a pregnancy pillow for optimum support and comfort.


Read this guide for better sleep during pregnancy;

5. Please avoid alcohol and tobacco

These stimulants can threaten pregnancy development. Please don’t use illegal drugs as well. This is an important pregnancy tip for first-time mothers.


6. Avoid foods that contain traces of mercury

Mercury poisoning is a big threat. Some seafood contains traces of mercury, please eat seafood with caution. Read this guide to gain knowledge on foods containing mercury.


7. Stop heavy lifting chores

It is best if you avoid vigorous exercises or cleaning activities that require heavy lifting during pregnancy.


8. Don’t become overweight

This can be a tough one, but there are hundreds of tips to maintain normal weight while you are pregnant. Eating healthy foods and staying active will help.

You should inform your doctor about any experiences that make you feel worried. Use this app to keep yourself fit at home!  

9. Preparation tips for expecting mothers

Now here are some best tips to get you prepared for your newborn by NHS -


10. Plan a gender reveal

You will be able to make the best plans when you know the baby’s gender. A scan will reveal the baby’s gender as from the seventeenth week.


11. Create a plan on paper

You can also use your smartphone organiser. It is best if you make a preparation list early, so it can be reviewed if necessary.

Please take note of your birthing season. For example, if your expected delivery date is in summer, you can make better plans for shopping.


12. Make a shopping list

The few weeks after giving birth will be very busy. You should make plans to buy everything you need before the baby comes.

On your list, you should include essential baby care products such as cot beds, strollers, bath sets, sanitary products for babies and women, and so much more.

Thankfully, you can order baby products online; however, you should make purchases early, to avoid delays in delivery.


13. Don’t forget to buy maternity clothes

You will need lots of maternity clothes after giving birth. You can find trendy maternity clothes that are comfortable and attractive.

I hope these tips for expecting mothers help, have a safe delivery.

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