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All Essentials You Need For Your Newborn Baby

The birth of a child – be it your first or your fifth – is always an exhilarating experience. The joy you feel and the sheer love that you harbour for the newest entry to your family can never be adequately put into words. During pregnancy, right until the time the baby is born, to when they grow up into their teenage years, parents are always on the lookout for providing them with the utmost care and comfort. A bigger house, a spacious car, clothes of all kinds, toys – and the list goes on. However, surveys have shown that parents of newborns often struggle with prioritizing the necessities for their newborns.

A newborn baby's entire world is their parents – they rely on them for everything. Therefore, keeping their needs in minds; all of them, should be the foremost responsibility of new parents. The following article is your ultimate guide on all the essentials you will need for your newborn baby. Investing in these ensure that you and your little bundle of joy enjoy their earliest, most precious days to the fullest.


According to experts, letting newborn babies sleep in the same room as you for the first few months is better for the child's health. But, the choice of whether to let your baby sleep in the same bed as you or in their own sleeping place inside your room is up to the parents entirely. Regardless, we advise that parents establish separate, sound bedding for their new-born as it will help save time and energy down the road.

Cots or Cribs

Cots are one of the safest places for newborn babies to sleep in. Cots are small beds with barred sides to keep the young ones from falling over in their sleep. With advancements in technology, today, cots are equipped with thermal blankets, padded bars and cushioned beds to ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable at all times. Furthermore, cots can be easily installed in the parent's bedroom – in this way, the newborn is always under their parents' surveillance.


Cot-beds are cots but are generally bigger in size and they come the adjustable bars. Parents can easily adjust the bars to fit their child’s needs. A cot-bed is smaller than a single bed but can be used by the child until the age of five – making their span of usage double than the average cot.

Baby blankets and sheets

Always use light, breathable blankets for your baby. Make sure they are lint-free and are of the highest quality. We also suggest that you invest in liquid absorbent sheets and use them as a part of the bedding to ensure a dry, fuss-free sleep for your baby.

Bathing and cleaning

For new parents, their child’s first bath is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of parenthood. Yet, it is also a time for parents to bond with their children and make beautiful memories. In the first few weeks, a cloth or a cotton swab is enough to clean your child, however, as times goes on, bathing becomes necessary.


With a vast array of options in the market, parents can invest in various types of bathtubs which are off-shoots of the two major types - basin tubs and sink inserts. The choice is up to the parents entirely and what they think will work best with their other accessibilities.

Sink inserts

These are padded inserts which can be adjusted to rest inside you sink making a makeshift, baby-safe, bathtub.

Basin tubs

These are regular standalone bathtubs which can be made to fit inside a larger tub or a bathroom or kitchen sink. You can move them outside too.


Your newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Always invest in cotton, high absorbent towels as they are smooth on the skin.

Baby shampoo and baby wash

Never use your own hygiene products on your newborn. Their skin is highly prone to damage. Invest in fragrance-free, tear-free and mild products which are specifically designed for newborns.

Baby cream

After every bath, make sure you use a moisturizing baby cream on your baby’s entire body. This will lock in moisture and will prevent the skin from irritating – especially in cold regions.

Baby travel gear

Investing in baby gear will ease your mind when going out or a stroll or a meal with your baby. Baby gears include pushchairs and strollers together with a kangaroo pouch baby carrier. We suggest that pushchairs and strollers are used once the baby can sit – around six months. However, if the pushchairs and strollers have fully reclining seats – so that your baby can lie flat on them, they can also be used in the first 6 months.

There are various options to choose from – ambient colours, newest features, etc. Pick the strollers which you think your baby will be the most comfortable in the one which is accessible to you too.

Bouncers and walkers

Bouncers and walkers are seats which hang from specifically designed frames so that the baby can sit upright with their legs dangling and feet touching the ground. Most bouncers and walkers have trays in front of them so that parents can use them while feeding the baby or putting up toys on them. These will help the child get familiarized with the notions of standing and balance.

The difference between walkers and bouncers is in mobility. Walkers allow the child to move around whereas bouncers keep them in a single place. Choosing between the two is entirely the parent’s call.


Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist specializing in child development is of the view that using toys which stimulate the five senses in your baby and playing with them will have beneficial long-term benefits in the child’s development. In their early days, the baby is taking their surroundings in and though it may not look like it, they are adapting to the world they’ve opened their eyes into.

Music playing device

A newborn’s hearing is quite sensitive. Soothing tones will have a calming effect on your baby. Try to sing to your child, it will make them familiar to your voice and they will be more at ease with you.


Most play mats come with squishes hanging overhead, these help incite curiosity in your child. Outstretching their hands to a foreign object will not only help in acquiring flexibility but will also help in the baby trying to hold their head up for brief periods.

Unbreakable mirrors

Babies become quite invested in themselves around 3 months of age. Installing a medium-sized unbreakable mirror in their play area or cribs will allow them to satisfy their peculiar curiosities.

Bright coloured – teething friendly toys

Colours and big patterns liven up your child's mood and will immediately draw their attention. Investing in teething friendly toys will help avoid the risk of gum damage when the baby inevitably puts the toy in their mouth.

Try to keep the toys clean and disinfect them at least thrice a week.



We hope you found our guide to the essential your newborn needs helpful. Always remember to cherish these moments with your baby because they really do grow up so fast.

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